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  • @Mtt I was checking out your Tiny Theme and scrolling through your blog to get an idea. Loved that this photo of the T-Ball game was followed by the baseball stadium photo. Must be a big crowd. ;)

  • @patrickrhone just pretend it's the US debt ceiling and keep raising your quota every year. ;)

  • @annahavron BRILLIANT!

  • @annahavron love this idea! And I have too many notebooks begging to be used ...

  • @marc0janssen I lived in Wiesbaden in the early 90s. It's been that long since I've had currywurst. But this photo immediately brought that flavor back. Mmmm...

  • @MitchW I guess I'm behind the curve. We only have a bird feeder in our yard.

  • @supremus yes, yes, and yes. We're lucky too, but it seems like the wrong things are getting more expensive too. Ugh.

  • @fabio that's my next stop, thanks!

  • @pratik yeah, sorry. New to ActivityPub and unsure of some of the details. I activated ActivityPub on M.b but could only set a M.b username. That was the crux of my question... I'll look at my social.lol instance and see what I can do there too.

  • @MitchW he knows the girls will eat his food at the first chance they get.

  • @pratik does it matter if I have a Mastodon username on another instance somewhere? (like social.lol)

  • @fabio like Mastodon does? 🔁

  • @carolou mmm ... love demonstrators!

  • @Annie I just finished reading that a few days ago! Loved it and have to read more now.

  • @sgtstretch same same same! Micro.blog is so feature-rich for such a simple platform. Omg.lol has so many great little "toys" ... trying to figure out how I want to use them!

  • @brentsimmons OMG ... I do this ALL THE TIME. Crap.